Precision, stability and respect for tissues.

Ceos implant line is designed for the extrasinus zygomatic surgery.

The surface, treated with AISER Biosyn-D technology in the apical portion, is ideal for a reliable osseointegration in the cheekbone and in the extrasinus maxillary tract, furthermore the round tip design allows for insertion in total safety.

Aiser Ceos

Design AISER Ceos: endosseous, biphasic, single coil and wide pitch implant with cylindrical body and conical apical portion.

AISER Conometric Link System Connection: Internal, hexagonal, conical connection with conical, screwed implant-prosthetic junction.

AISER Biosyn-D surface: nanoporous, nano wrinkled, highly-oxidized surface with grants osteoinductivity, osteoconductivity and chemical stability.