Esthetic Abutment

Excellent Esthetic Results.

AISER Esthetics Abutment is designed for the prosthesis of single or multiple rehabilitation, screwed, cemented with immediate or deferred load. The design is meant to ease the placement and to avoid tissue compression.

The “goblet” shape is meant for a wide platform switching action granting excellent trophism of soft tissues incredible and natural aesthetics results, and long-term reliability of the rehabilitation.

The screwed, conical connection guarantees maximum assembly simplicity and long-term reliability.

Aiser Esthetic Abutment

The implant-prosthetic junction is an internal hexagon with double pairing system: screwed and conical.

Implant-prosthetic connection conicity allows for an airtight clamping of 30Ncm of Torque on the screw.

The abutment comes with the dedicated fixing screw AISER Universal Clinical Screw.