Swiss Quality

Each AISER dental Implant, all its components and the surgical tools are produced according to strict quality protocols

Download the study performed in collaboration with the Matemaattis-Luonnontieteellinen Tiedekunta Faculty of Science of the University of Helsinki.

Sturdiness, flexibility and biocompatibility are the core qualities we look for in our materials to achieve the best.

We select only the best titanium and steel alloys, from world class suppliers.

All materials are certified in full compliance with Swiss and international laws regulating the production of medical devices.

Milling takes place in our facilities based in Switzerland and Italy.

Facilities are equipped only with the most advanced machines, such as our newest 12-axis Sliding Headstock Lathe, capable of one-step milling even complex geometries, granting top level precision on each piece.

We developed highly efficient and eco-friendly cleaning technologies for our devices.

We clean our titanium and steel products with high-pressure, high temperature solvent baths, allowing extreme reduction in surface pollutant.

The process is certified by independent authorities, and constantly quality checked by our Research and Development division through EDSx (Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy X-ray Analysis) and SEM imaging analysis.

quality check

Quality checking comprehends optical and mechanical controls of the pieces dimensions and coupling features.

EDSx spectroscopy and SEM imaging in cleanroom, to assess surface’s topography and chemical characteristics

Random sampling on each production lot.

The UTD (Unique traceability document): the document keeps track of each production and quality control step.

Each AISER Implant has life-time warranty.