Zirvede İsviçre Kalitesi


En yüksek düzeyde primer stabilite ve mükemmel, erken osseointegrasyon.


Osteoblastik proliferasyon*

*AISER BYD yüzeyinin altın standart SLA yüzeyi ile karşılaştırıldığı 7. gün sonuçları


Başarılı Operasyonlar


Ömür boyu garanti

Biosyn-D Yüzey modifikasyonu

Biyoteknolojide İsviçre kusursuzluğu olan Biosyn-D, AISER İmplantlarının mükemmel düzeyde osseointegrasyon ve ikincil stabiliteyi garanti eden özel, son teknoloji yüzey işlemidir.

Araştırma ve Klinik Çalışmalar

AISER İmplant Sistemi, doktorların uygulamada karşılaştıkları günlük sorunları çözmeyi amaçlayan derinlemesine araştırmaların sonucudur.

İsviçre Kalitesi

Kalite kontrolleri, parçaların boyutlarının ve konometrik eşleşme özelliklerinin optik ve mekanik kontrollerinden, yüzeyin topografisini, kimyasal özelliklerini ve kirliliğini değerlendirmek için temiz odada EDSx spektroskopisi ve SEM görüntülemesine kadar uzanmaktadır.


İmplant Sistemi

Yüksek birincil stabilite

Konometrik Bağlantı

Konometrik Güvenilirlik




AISER İmplantlarının ve protezlerinin AISER bileşenleri Konometrik Bağlantı Sistemi ile yerleştirilmesi için ihtiyacınız olan her şey.


AISER diş implantları ömür boyu dayanacak şekilde tasarlanmıştır.

AISER diş implantları sonsuza kadar dayanacak şekilde tasarlanmıştır.

Ömür boyu garantilidir.


Bilimsel araştırmalara sürekli katkıda bulunmak için çalışıyoruz.


Secondary Stability

The stability of the implant is a decisive element in achieving a successful process of osseointegration...

Professional’s role

Implant therapy is an efficient treatment and shows a considerable success rate...

Stem cells and miRNA

The innovation in the field of osteo-regeneration and maxillofacial surgery: mesenchymal stem cells...

Implant Primary Stability

An appropriate pre-operative assessment of the bone is of paramount importance to direct the choice of the surgical technique…


MTIC Intercert
SPS Intercert
ISO 9001 - ISO 13485

Compared to implant systems I have been using in over 30 years of implant and prosthetic practice, I can assure that this system shines for its simplicity, completeness and reliability. The different types of implants with sturdy or soft edges, adapt perfectly both to the type IV compact mandible on the Misch classification and the more trabecular and softer upper jawbone. After 3-6 months, X-rays show the excellent osseo-integration capability of these implants. Ultimately, AISER implant-prosthetic system is a valid and excellent tool for daily use, at the implantologist and prosthetist’s disposal, for the resolution of every clinical case.

S. Diana
University of Genoa, Italy

AISER Implant System ensure sensational simplicity and an excellent reliability in the prosthetic phase of every implant rehabilitation. Thanks to the astounding prosthetic components, Imprint procedures are quick, accurate and aesthetic prosthetic artifacts, which integrate perfectly to soft tissues and the oral cavity.

AISER implants demonstrated their high performances in terms of osseo-integration, even when applied to low-quality bones. This system gives me the chance to offer personalised and high-quality solutions and guarantee patients to restore both single dental elements and complete dental archs.

R. Rizzi
Milan, Italy

From a prosthetic point of view, I was amazed by the precision and the simplicity in the insertion of MUAs to AISER Implants;
consequently, the remarkable precision in imprint data transmission to the lab.
The wide variety of components, adapted for each possible clinical case, even the most complex and esthetic, allows to adopt various solutions in the prosthetic filed with the highest rate of customisation and excellent results.

A. Poggi
Milan, Italy

AISER Dental Implants are really a marvel of technological innovation.

It is absolutely possible to use them with every type of bone and in every rehabilitation case, both with single elements or complete archs.

A. Leechback
Zurich, Switzerland

AISER Implant System is one of the most modern and complete implant-prosthetic system available on the market. It uses to their fullest the best and most tested features that an implant can display, both from a surgical and a prosthetic point of view. It propps up the entire array of prosthetic solutions for both the single intervention and the whole arch, going through every type of overdenture. The variety of fixture diameters allows the implant system to be applied to any bone thickness parameter, even in the most extreme case of atrophy.

The hexagonal internal connection facilitates the coupling of prosthetic components, working with the All-or-None Law, and guarantees to possible mistakes when screwing. Moreover, the internal hexagons tend not to unscrew because of length of partitions. The frictional conical connection of the implant and the abutment reduces the risk of unscrewing of the prosthetic screw, improves resistance to fracture when under slant load. I believe that AISER technology represents the gold standard of modern implantology and predictable for immediate loading.

E. Baldisserri
Milan, Italy

In addition to the innovative zygomatic implant Ceos, AISER Implant System includes two lines of implants: Tytan, specific for D1 and D2 bones and Themys, for D3 and D4 bones.
Both display a straight outline but diverge in the shape of the coil.
The implant kit provides an array of calibrated drills with close diameters, in order to give surgeons, the choice, for each implant size, to prepare different types of osteotomies, which represents a valuable advantage in terms of versatility.

G. P. Vismara
Bergamo, Italy

I am specialized in dental prosthetics and, with AISER Implant System, I can use abutments even on 45°-slanted implants. This allows me to give back their smile to even more patients, when compared to past solutions which could not go over 30°.

R. Kensley
NYC, United States